How It Works


  • Create and send an invitation for your guests for that special event that you are carefully planning.
  • CelebratePlus will help you design a beautiful invitation to share with your guests and will also give you a dashboard where you can see and control who has already funded your event.
  • CelebratePlus will help you make a fun, competitive campaign for your funds. You will be able to assign different levels of rewards to your sponsors and you are in complete control to share it or keep it private.

Get Funded!

  • Are you paying for your special event? How about getting some help from the people more interested in your happiness. How about if you let us raise money on your behalf, so you can spend that money on the celebration expenses or in all your new needs. That is CelebratePlus: An opportunity to be practical with money, maintaining your lifestyle and traditions intact.
  • We will ask your guests to collaboratively fund your event to help you collect money to cover your expenses. We will take care of collecting the money in your name, so you don’t have to bother. We will never touch your money since is directed transferred to your PayPal account.
  • You are able to suggest a minimum necessary contribution or leave the option open to your guests. We will give you fun tools to incentivize the contributions. Also you have complete control if you want to make public or private the people who have contributed. You can share your invitation in facebook or twitter to reach more of your friends.


  • With the money received in your account in advance to the event you can pay for whatever you need. This way you can enjoy your celebration and have extra resources to set up your house, pay debt, or whatever you need!

That is CelebratePlus!

Did you know?

"Did you know that thanks to our platform you can raise even more than your stated goal!?"

"Did you know that even if you don't reach your goal all the money raised is yours for your event!?"

Reach out to a friend!

"More people everyday reach for the support of friends and family to finance their special celebrations so they can spend their money on a new home, or a car, that special trip, etc!"